This blog was only very small but to me immensely powerful because of the pictures it carried.

The pictures of a memorial in Frankfurt are innocuous at first glance but after taking the time to look closer it reveals the names of people killed during the second world war. The memorial is a section of paving that has metal inlays with the names and dates of people killed.

What struck me was that while most war memorials are big and proud and in the public eye, this one was small, unobtrusive and not drawing attention to itself. Almost as if to get the attention of people who keep there heads down not looking to draw attention to oneself, perhaps avoiding the rigours of day to day life.

Stolpersteine’s they are called and can be found in Germany, Austria, Holland and Hungary. In Berlin there are over 1,400!! They remind me of the makeshift memorial grounds in Australia’s war history in places such as the Kokoda track or Galipolli where people or soldiers are remembered on site. These places are where Australian’s died and were remembered, for many towns of Europe, it was in almost every street.

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